We are a research-generated boutique broker dealer building lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients since 1999.

Reid & Rudiger, LLC was founded in 1999 based on the principle of providing high-net-worth clients unbiased, conflict-free advice. At its outset, the firm was quickly challenged by tumultuous markets borne out of the Internet bubble, quickly followed by the events of 9/11. The firm managed to navigate these volatile markets deftly, relying upon previous market experience on Wall Street. The firm has continued to grow, armed with market-savvy leadership skills and an in-depth knowledge of financial markets. From its earliest roots at 110 Wall Street to its current headquarters at 55 Broad Street, Reid & Rudiger prides itself on customer satisfaction derived from its independent and unique market insight.


Our Services

  • Put and call broker or dealer or option writer

  • Non-exchange member arranging for transactions in listed securities by exchange member

  • Private placements of securities

  • Broker or dealer retailing corporate equity securities over the counter

  • Broker or dealer selling corporate debt securities

  • Mutual fund retailer

  • US government securities broker


Our leadership team has a combined 80 years of experience on Wall Street. Their hands-on experience brings our clients a more knowledgeable approach with the skill set necessary for tackling various market environments.

Clifford R. Reid

Clifford R. Reid is a co-founder of Reid & Rudiger, LLC.  He has over 29 years of experience in the equity markets.  He works closely with many of the firm’s clients in selecting equity and debt investments that meet their investment objectives. 

Mr. Reid is instrumental in client development for the firm. He is a well-respected mentor for many employees of the firm as well as to youth in his local community. He is head of the firm’s diversity committee and a supporting sponsor of the arts through PBS.

Edward J. Rudiger, Jr.

Edward J. Rudiger, Jr. is a co-founder of Reid & Rudiger, LLC. He has over 28 years of experience in the equity markets.  He works closely with many of the firm’s clients in selecting equity and debt investments that meet their investment objectives. 

Mr. Rudiger has held various positions over the years at Reid & Rudiger. As Sales Manager, he mentored and trained employees from entry level to executive level in developing client relationships while nurturing and growing Reid & Rudiger. He also served as CCO, where he developed the firm’s highly regarded compliance program. Additionally, Mr. Rudiger served as CEO, running the firm’s day-to-day operations and guiding the firm from its earliest days of inception while cultivating the firm’s astute reputation for 20 years.

Marc Harrison

Marc Harrison, CMT is a co-founder of Reid & Rudiger, LLC. He has over 32 years of experience in the equity markets. He earned the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation from the CMT Association. Mr. Harrison is the Chief Investment Strategist of Reid & Rudiger, where he is responsible for analyzing a wide variety of investments and asset classes including equities, debt, options, commodities and other investment vehicles.


Our goal is to build long-lasting client relationships

Reid & Rudiger prides itself on the integrity of its internally-generated research to provide customized strategies to the sophisticated high-net-worth investor. We strive to create a value-added experience for our clients driven by a keen focus on the equity markets. 

With the Internet, social media, message boards, Twitter, and traditional media outlets bombarding investors, misinformation and “fake news” rumors are more common than ever before. Reid & Rudiger is determined to cut through all the noise and provide our clientele with unbiased recommendations. The firm is not influenced by investment banking fees, soft dollars, market making, and order flow income.


The Cornerstone of Our Methodology

In an investment world increasingly focused on passive investing, our goal is to provide active portfolio management that generates long-term profitability with superior and consistent results for our clients.

Our research methodology combines both technical and fundamental analysis to create opportunities for our clients.  We strive to provide clients with unbiased, fresh, and actionable ideas in a timely and informed manner.

Both macro and micro factors influence investment decisions. We seek to exploit market opportunities that are presented in technical analysis, fundamental analysis, special situations, short selling, risk arbitrage, reorganizations, distressed securities and other situations.  

We are focused on not only what the information flow will be, but how that information will impact changes in equity prices in varying market environments.